Caol Ait - The Thin Place


We try to anticipate questions you might have about our space, and provide the answers here. If you need additional information email us at


Who can use Caol Ait? 

Caol Ait is perfect for small group meetings, staff retreats, and board gatherings. We  can comfortably accommodate from 1-24 people. 


What's the cost? 

Facility fee for Caol Ait is $300 per day, with meals offered at $25 per person in addition to the facility fee.


Where is Caol Ait? 

Caol Ait is conveniently located within Fairfax County--an oasis hidden in the midst of suburbia. It offers the peace of the countryside without all the driving! 


How do I reserve Caol Ait? 

For more information and to reserve your time away at Caol Ait - The Thin Place, contact Hope Britt at or by phone at 703-220-0345. We look forward to having you here.