Caol Ait - The Thin Place


Caol Ait ['kweel awtch'] - The Thin Place began as a haven in Northern Virginia, an all-too-rare respite from the hectic pace of life, a place dedicated to welcoming the Presence of God. Ultimately however, this “thin place” of meeting with the Lord is not limited by geography, and can be found in any heart open to hearing God’s voice. Our desire is that the Caol Ait Community would expand the work the Lord is doing here in Clifton, VA, by partnering with the Holy Spirit in reaching the world with this message of authentic, genuine, intimate union with Jesus Christ, living as the Body of Christ, “growing up in all things into Christ, our head” (Eph. 4:15).

Connecting with the 

Caol Ait Community 

Partner with us in prayer. Receive periodic email updates. 

Communicate with us using the “contact us” form on this site, or by email to You can also stay in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter. 

Utilize our resources for spiritual direction, teaching, coaching, healing prayer, and facilitating small groups and retreats.

Host a retreat either at the Caol Ait property or by inviting us to come to you.

Support the home, grounds, and ministry through financial donations. Caol Ait is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and can provide you with receipts for tax purposes. 

Spread the word to others who may be longing for just such a community home.